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This site,  came about at the Lord's direction.  All throughout the Bible God speaks of a specific people chosen to praise Him and show forth His goodness.  He refers to that group as the "Holy Nation", and the Body of Christ.  

In the Book of Acts, we read about the beginnings of this Holy Nation; the Body of Christ.  On the pages of the book of Acts we read about some of the mighty acts of God wrought through the Apostles and Prophets.  There were some very miraculous and super natural events recorded throughout this book.  

One must, however. keep these acts in perspective.  We must not fail to remember that the book of Acts is merely an account of the Body of Christ in its infancy stage.  Jesus was the "Firstborn" among many brethren (Romans 8:29).  We are the "many brethren" to which the Bible refers.  We are also referred to as the "Church".  We the Church; the Body of Christ should be mature after 2000 years.  The truth is, we are still looking at the book of Acts as the place where we should strive for rather that the place from which we should grow.

The full manifestation of the "sons of God" is about to be revealed to all of creation which eagerly awaits this "move of God".  The way this can happen is multifaceted.  It involves radical change; too radical for us to figure out through our wisdom which is devilish in nature.  It must be "Revealed" by our heavenly Father.

God, the Father, has been finalizing Bridal preparation and is about ready to grant Jesus' desire and passion for Her.  Jesus, the Head of the church is desirous of getting us, His Body ready also.  The Bridegroom is ready and we, the Body of the Bridegroom have to do some things so that we are in harmony with our Lord's desire.  There can be no more dissention and being the "Lone Star" in this Holy Nation.  Our thinking and practices have not been in agreement with the Biblical challenges.

The Lord started Revealing pertinent Truths about the preparation of the Holy Nation.  This is our Father's final call to us to function in Agape Love just as Jesus did.  In order to do this, we, the world-wide Body of Christ Must repent (change our thinking), deny ourselves and follow Him seeking first (above all else) the Kingdom of God (God's way of doing things) and His way of being right.  It is for this reason, the Lord is developing, what He calls, "The Believers Boot Camp" Trilogy.  The first part is out and available to all free of any charge.  It is called "The Implosion Series".  It may be copied, downloaded and distributed to all.  It is, under no circumstances, ever to be sold; not even to recoup costs.  You can link to it here or by clicking on the "Implosion Series" link button at the left.  At the Lord's direction, we have also posted pertinent articles written by various authors designed to clarify misunderstood truths about a variety of subjects.  That section can be found by clicking on the "Other Articles" link button.

The purpose of this website is to aid in the maturing of the Body of Christ and the establishment of the Body of Christ.  May you have "ears to hear" what the Spirit is saying to you, the Church.  

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